the consultation

On our initial inquiry phone call, we will discuss the ins & outs of a pet portrait photography session. We will discuss your pup's personality, the type of location that will work best to capture her true personality, & the type of artwork you would like to create. 

the session

Now the fun part! Each session is scheduled on location for 1 to 2 hours, this will allow time for your pup to take breaks as needed. If your session includes the whole family we will start with group shots to make sure everyone is fresh and then move on to the solo star!

the ordering

About three weeks after your session you will receive your reveal slideshow & choose your collection package. Once you are ready to order, I help you with EVERYTHING through the process. No need to stress about sizes, framing, or finishes! Talk about easy!



At Hoff House Pet Photography we aren't here just to give you digital pictures of your beloved pet. We are here to deliver amazing artwork that tells the story of your fur baby and your family's relationship. We will create a fun and memorable session that the whole family will enjoy that also creates artwork that will last the test of time.

You might be thinking there is no way your dog will be able to do this, but you'd be wrong! We WANT your dog to be their fun, crazy self. That's what your artwork should be about! I embrace the slobber and the zoomies, we're gonna capture that baby in all their glory!

it's all about

the details

And since your fur baby has a unique personality, I am happy to meet up for an in-person pre-session consultation to meet your pup so they can become familiar with me and the camera. This is especially helpful for pups that are on the shy or nervous side.

While we are all about fun here, we are also all about safety. That's why we make sure all our shooting locations are dog friendly and all dogs are on leashes if not in a fenced area. And don't you worry! With a little editing magic, it will be like those leashes were never even there!

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