You’ve Enter the Pups of Pensacola Calendar Contest, now what?

Woof-tastic greetings to you and your adorable furry friend! We couldn’t be more delighted to see your precious pooch enter the Pups of Pensacola Contest. Thank you for sharing your pup’s infectious charm and heart-melting cuteness with us and the entire Pensacola community. Your participation has made this contest even more pawsome!

Spread the Pup-ularity!

You already know how paw-some your fur-baby is, and now it’s time to let the whole world see it too! This is where your role becomes crucial. Share the news far and wide! Rally your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and even that friendly barista who always gives your pup a treat. Encourage them all to cast their votes and help your pupper climb the ladder to success.

Social media is your pup’s best friend in this journey. Post those adorable contest photos, share funny anecdotes, and add those delightful puppy tales that tug at everyone’s heartstrings. Let the world fall in love with your fur baby, just like you did.

Need something to post? Scroll to the bottom for graphics to share on your social media!

Together, We Can Win!

In this competition, it’s not just about who has the fluffiest tail or the cutest bark. It’s about the heartwarming stories, the unconditional love, and the laughter your dog has brought into your life. Share those moments of pure joy, and watch as others are moved to join your pup’s fan club.

Remember, no matter the outcome, every pup in this contest is a winner in their own right because every vote they receive will help WolfGang Pensacola’s 3rd Annual Pawdi Gras benefactor, the Escambia County Department of Animal Welfare!

Spread the word, share the joy, and may your furry friend’s tail wag all the way to victory! Good luck, and may your pup’s star shine brighter than ever!

P.S. Don’t forget to cast your own vote too! Your pup is already a winner in your heart, but let’s make sure they shine on that calendar too! 🐾🌟

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