Bay’s {re}View: Veteran’s Memorial Park

This week, we’re bringing the adventure back to the heart of the city with a spotlight on Veteran’s Memorial Park and Admiral Mason Park in downtown Pensacola, FL. Nestled together, these parks offer a perfect blend of history, beauty, and tranquility, making them a top choice for dog parents looking for a new walking spot.

Maintained by the dedicated volunteers of the Veterans Memorial Park Foundation, this area is not just a park but a heartfelt tribute to our Veterans. With rich historical significance, the park becomes even more special on Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and the 4th of July, when it’s beautifully decorated and hosts tribute events. Find out more about the history of this park and memorial events here.

Spread over five acres along Bayfront Parkway, the park offers breathtaking views of the Pensacola Bay Bridge, especially at sunrise and sunset. The well-maintained paths and lush green spaces make it a hotspot for early morning and evening dog walks. Your furry friend will love the “sniffari” experience with all the wildlife around! Expect to find ducks, turtles, squirrels, and various birds dashing around!

A lap around the park is about half a mile, and you’ll find dog waste stations and benches along the paved paths. It’s a peaceful place where you can enjoy a book or have a picnic on the lawn while your dog explores.

We’re giving this park 4 paws up! There’s plenty of room for your pup to explore without feeling crowded, and it’s great for dogs who might be a bit reactive. To avoid the busiest times, try to visit outside the 5pm-6pm window. There’s free parking at the front of the park or on nearby streets. While there aren’t any public restrooms, there are plenty of dog waste stations.

Veteran’s Memorial Park is a must-visit for you and your fur family. Head over and enjoy a lovely walk in this charming, historically rich park!

So how does it stack up for fur family photography?

This park is one of my absolute favorites to photograph, with it’s immaculate upkeep and open sky view of the sunset you always get the beautiful blues and greens nature has to offer. It is my go to recommendation for pups or families with mobility issues as the path is short and easy to navigate. We can create a lot of variety in just a small area. Check out some of my favorite images from recent sessions.

Until next week, wags & wiggles,
Jess & Bay

Dog walking into Veteran's Memorial Park