can my pup do this?

You may be thinking there is no way your dog will be able to sit for professional photos, and you know what? You might be right. Maybe they won’t SIT for photos but that doesn’t mean spectacular images won’t be captured! I know there are some wild and crazy pups out there (I have one too) and that’s OK!

The reason my sessions are great for dogs is that I work WITH your pups. After all, they are independent animals and they are going to do what they are going to do. I start each session with time for your baby to get acclimated to the environment, this takes about 10-15 minutes where we chat and allow them to sniff around. After a warm-up phase, we will see what your pup is willing to do. Knowledge of basic commands like “sit”, “stay”, and “down” are helpful but not required. If Fifi only wants to stand we can still get great portraits and action shots. Our whole goal of this session is to capture your kiddo in all their glory. If they usually run around like their tail is on fire we want to capture that spirit! 

However, there are a few tips to note. A tired & hungry dog is usually more cooperative than a dog full of energy that just had a full dinner. If your session is scheduled for sunset, it would be best to take them on a leisurely walk 2 hours before their session to let off some steam. However, a full day of daycare right before their session might push them over to exhaustion and they won’t have the energy to participate in the session. It would also be wise to wait to feed them dinner until after the session. That way they will be more willing and interested to work for treats and keep them engaged for the shoot.

Now you might be thinking, “Ah Jess that sounds so simple but my dog isn’t food motivated. How will you get them to pose?”. Have no fear my friend! I, too, have a dog that couldn’t care less about food. Especially out in public. But you know what can still get his attention? Crazy sounds & sudden movements! And boy do I have a bunch up my sleeve!

Some other thoughts to consider are your dog’s personality and behavior issues. If you have a pup that is super skittish or maybe even aggressive you might be fearful they won’t be able to participate, but we do have options. Location will play a big role in your final product but if your pup isn’t comfortable it will show. I’ve got a great post here all about location options, check it out.

Have more questions as to if your fur baby can handle a session? Contact me and we can discuss your concerns in a personal one-on-one consultation.

Mini Australian Shepherd on Pensacola Beach