what to expect

So you might be wondering how a session with me is different than other photography sessions you might have had in the past, or maybe this is the first time you have decided to invest in personal photography and you don’t know how this works. Have no fear! My job is to walk you through the process from beginning to end to assure everyone involved has an amazing experience.

Upon contacting me, I will reach out to you to get a general feel of the type of session you would like. Such as pet only, family with pet, pet milestone, etc. This is something not many other photographers do, but I find it extremely important when involving your fur babies that we chat before the session, we might even decide to meet in-person before hand if you have a very nervous pup. Some dogs take a bit of warming up to someone with a big ol’ camera in their face, who can blame them?

If you would like an in-person consultation, it can be done at your home, at a session location, or at another outside dog-friendly venue. We will typically spend about 30 minutes chatting and I’d love to hear about your fur baby and the history you have together. I’ll ask about their favorite foods, toys, & activities so I can get an idea of how to best capture their personalities.

Before the session we will also discuss the type of artwork you are looking for and where in your home you are wanting to display it. By having a photo of the space I can better visualize the aesthetic of your home and what type of portrait would complement the space.

Together we will decide the location and time of your session. I’ll also go over how to best prepare for the session, what to wear (both human & pup), items to bring, and anything else you might have questions about.

At the session, we will cater to your pup and make sure that they have lots of time to relax before and during the session. Dogs need breaks, I don’t expect them to behave and listen to all my commands for a full hour so we will allow for plenty of time for them to have some fun! We always want your baby to be safe so we will assure we have water available as well as a cool place to retreat to if they get too hot.   

While we definitely will capture sweet moments with you and your pup, my sessions are all about capturing your pup’s unique personality and they will be the main star. This is a 100% stress-free adventure for you and your fur kiddo.

dog running on pensacola dog beach