Bay’s {re}View of Navy Federal Recreation Park

This week, we’re switching gears from the woods to the ‘burbs with a visit to Navy Federal Recreation Park. This park, opened in Fall 2023, is relatively new and often flies under the radar for many folks. I don’t know much about Navy Fed as a business, but they’ve really nailed the community park vibe. It’s quite impressive!

So, why is this park a pup’s paradise? Mainly because of the gorgeous walking trail that spans just over .60 miles on the outer loop. It’s fully paved, offering a smooth stroll, and is surrounded by bushes and plants, perfect for a daily sniffari. The back area is especially spacious, great for those who prefer to keep their distance from other pups and people. However, the front area near the sports fields doesn’t offer as much room to wander off-path to avoid others.

Despite that, I feel comfortable bringing my reactive dog here to work on his training. Even though it can get quite busy in the evenings, it’s actually a fantastic spot for any training because of the various areas away from crowds where you can work on distractions from a safe distance. When you’re ready for more of a challenge, you can venture over to the paths by the sports area.

This park is great for daily walks and offers creature comforts like well-maintained bathrooms, security, and ample lighting at night. The security and night lighting make it my go-to spot for a late evening stroll. Sometimes the day gets away from me, and it’s 8 pm before I can get Bay out for a walk, but this park is always staffed with security, and you might even spot a police officer hanging out from time to time.

As for other amenities this park is mainly geared towards adults (a-ok by me!), they have fields for almost every sport imaginable. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, baseball, and pickleball are all represented, along with a yoga lawn and outdoor fitness equipment – some of the fields do require a reservation which you can make online here. While there isn’t a jungle gym for the kiddos, I think it has everything else you could want in a park.

So while there isn’t a designated fenced dog park area and dogs must be leashed at all times, Bay doesn’t seem to mind, as there’s plenty for her to sniff along the way. We give this park 4 paws up for dog friendliness!

Want more information on this pawsome place? Click here for the official website.

So how does it stack up for fur family photography?

This park is a fantastic spot for a doggy photoshoot! The landscaping is gorgeous and offers a range of backdrops, perfect for those city-slicker pups who like a little greenery thrown in. While it can get a bit busy during peak hours, there’s plenty of room to spread out, so it’s not a big deal at all. Check out a few photos!

Dog at Navy Federal Park