Bay’s {re}View: Escambia County Equestrian Center

Never thought a place called an equestrian center could be a hotspot for you and your pup? Well, think again! The Escambia County Equestrian Center is more than just rodeos and horse shows (though Bay, is often called a horse anyway…).

This place is part of the Pensacola park system, covering over 151 acres and open to the public, furry friends included! Why should you check it out? For the hidden trails, of course! Once you pass by the ducks, ponds, and RV campsites, you’ll discover a beautiful trail system that’s perfect for a leisurely walk with your pup. The trails are nicely shaded by trees, making it a cool escape on those hot days. They’re also pretty easy to navigate, with no crazy hills or roots to trip you up. You can easily get in a good mile or two, depending on the path you choose. And after your trail adventure, swing by the front and let your pup explore the horse stalls for a new sniffari adventure!

Even though this park is a bit older, it’s set up for big events, so you’ll have access to restrooms at the pavilion, and parking is ample & usually free. If there’s a major event like a rodeo, they might charge for parking, but no worries—you can park over at the Beulah Community Park and take the connecting trail over to the Equestrian Center. I’ll cover this in more detail in the Beulah Park video.

One thing to note is that since events at the center aren’t always promoted by the park, you might not always know what’s going on there. They don’t update their social media or Facebook pages regularly, but they do typically update the marquee outside the center. Most events are small enough not to impact your enjoyment of the park, but the pavilion area can get busy during dog or horse shows.

Bay and I absolutely love the overall quiet and relaxing vibe of this park. It’s truly a hidden gem hiding in plain sight! We give this park a full five paws up!

Want more information on this pawsome place? Click here for the official website and a map of the park.

So how does it stack up for fur family photography?

This park is a fantastic spot for a doggy photoshoot! The tree tunnel is gorgeous and offers a range of backdrops, from the adventure trails to the wide open space. While it can get a bit busy on the weekends when there are big events it is typically a quite area, perfect for pups who like to solo adventure.

Tress at the Pensacola Equestrian Center