Bay’s {re}View: Beulah Community Park

If your pup is itching for a wide-open space to run wild, you’re in for a treat with this week’s review! We’re diving into Beulah Community Park, a fantastic option for those apartment pup that need to stretch their legs off-leash. Plus, after your park adventure, you can keep the fun going by strolling along the connecting trail to the Pensacola Equestrian Center!

I know dog parks can be a bit controversial, but sometimes you just need that open space for your pup to explore leash-free. I particularly love this park during off-peak hours, as you can often have the whole dog park to yourself! It’s probably the largest dog park in Pensacola, with two separate areas, so you can often snag a spot all to yourself. If you’re not a fan of crowded dog parks, I’d suggest avoiding the park around 5 pm on weekdays and mid-morning on weekends, as that’s when it tends to get busy. But if your pup loves making new friends, then by all means, dive right in!

If you find the dog park a bit too bustling for your liking, you can still enjoy the walking trail with your furry buddy or even take the hidden trail over to the Equestrian Center. Just remember to steer clear of the playground and tennis courts, as pups aren’t allowed in those areas.

Overall, Beulah Community Park is the quintessential community hangout. It buzzes with activity in the evenings, with kids having a blast on the playground, non-stop basketball games, and friendly tennis matches in full swing. You’ll find bathrooms, water fountains, and free parking available, though parking can get a bit tight during peak times.

Since I’m not the biggest fan of dog parks but Bay absolutely loves them, we had a little debate about the overall score and settled on 3 paws up for Beulah Community Park. Definitely a spot worth checking out!

Want more information on this pawsome place? Click here for the official website.

Wags & Wiggles,

Jess & Bay

Beulah Park Dog Walking