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can my pup do this?

You may be thinking there is no way your dog will be able to sit for professional photos, and you know what? You might be right. Maybe they won’t SIT for photos but that doesn’t mean spectacular images won’t be captured! I know there are some wild and crazy pups out there (I have one too) and […]

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Mini Australian Shepherd on Pensacola Beach

what to expect

So you might be wondering how a session with me is different than other photography sessions you might have had in the past, or maybe this is the first time you have decided to invest in personal photography and you don’t know how this works. Have no fear! My job is to walk you through […]

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dog running on pensacola dog beach


So where does all this magic take place? Are you concerned about your reactive dog in a busy environment? I’ve got you covered! Personally, I love the beach & a good sunset so add in my babies and I know I’ll have a photo of all of my favorite things! But maybe your dog is […]

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woman and dog on beach